Auto vehicle financing with BMW Financial, Lexus Financial, Infiniti Financial, Toyota Financial, and Mercedes Financial

Ivy’s Credit Builder Program may help you improve your credit score. The Credit Builder Program is a combination personal lines of credit and loans that may help you establish a good payment history, which is an important step in building a better credit score.

A good credit score is one key towards a healthy financial outcome.

At Ivy Credit Repair Services, she provides you the greatest access to high valuable credit lines through our  Credit Builder Program. This gives you the money to effectively start a business, take vacations, or consolidate high interest debt..

Get Access to Cash lines of credit to Chase Bank, Bank of America, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, etc.

Ivy will help you get your credit and finances set up the right way to meet lender approval requirements and get approved for initial credit lines that reports to credit bureaus.

She will help you activate your credit profile with Experian, Transunion and Equifax so you can get initial trade credit to build your credit reports. Access up to $50,000 in unsecured credit with 0% rates for 6-18 month periods that you can access.

If you’re serious about obtaining funding we encourage you to Call Ivy @ (888) 405-5075